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Dongcheng donates another 8 million RMB anti-coronavirus drug to fight against coronavirus and support epidemic area
2020-02-01 15:32:25

On Jan. 31st, boxes of anti-coronavirus drugs loaded at Dongchengwere sent to epidemic area urgently. Dongcheng donated more than 8 million RMB of anti-coronavirus drugs again to assist the epidemic area. 

Relying on the strong supply network established with business strategic partner,Dongchengfinished dosage section staffworked with their business partner closely all day and all night, in order that the 8 million RMB of anti-coronavirus drugs produced by Dongcheng can be sent to epidemic area today.Bearing the care and blessing from Dongchengstaff to the compatriots in epidemic area the drug will be donated to 777 hospitals as fast as we can.

On behalf of Sinopharm board of director, the leader of Sinopharm Group Purchasing Center has given a very high appraisal of Dongcheng’s efficiency under this special situation. Many companies have expressed high approval and praise to the big love of Dongchengincluding China Resources, Shanghai Pharm Group etc.

Up to the present, Dongcheng has donated 160,000 surgical masks, 8,930,000 RMB of anti-coronavirus drugs, total9,090,000 RMB donations of medical supplies to epidemic area.

Fight against the epidemic, God bless China! Wish our compatriots in the affected areas an early recovery and victory against the epidemic at an early date.





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