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A letter for all Dongchengstaff
2020-02-01 15:32:25

Dear Dongchengcolleagues,

Good day!

At present, the anti-coronavirus situation is severe. I believe that everyone has a very deep feeling through television, the Internet and what we have seen.Those compatriots who are struggling on the lifeline, those health workers who are sleepless, lacking of defense however still fighting in the first line etc. touched our hearts deeply. Although we are far away from the epidemic area, we are racing against time,like many people,to provide support for the first line.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have closely surrounded the emergency response group headed by the Chairman of the Board, assembled and joined all forces, 24-hours standby, to provide full supports for this anti-coronavirus fight. From purchase ofsurgical masks from global customers, to immediate donation of 1 million RMB medical supplies, then to quickstaff donation of more than 440,000 RMB to support epidemic areas, and also from the greetings in theletter for partners in Hubei to the establishment of drug supply network in theletter for strategic partners of commercial companies, many thanks for the efforts of allDongcheng staff and partners made to fight against anti-coronavirus along with the company.

Today, we have another good news. Relying on the strong supply network established with business strategic partner in previous, Dongcheng finished dosage section staff worked with their business partner closely all day and all night, to load and sent 8 million RMB of anti-coronavirus drugs produced by Dongcheng to epidemic area. Bearing the care and blessing from Dongcheng staff to the compatriots in epidemic area the drug will be donated to 777 hospitals as fast as we can.On behalf of Sinopharm board of director, the leader of Sinopharm Group Purchasing Center has given a very high appraisal of Dongcheng’s efficiency under this special situation. Many companies have expressed high approval and praise to the big love of Dongcheng including China Resources, Shanghai Pharm Group etc. Hereon, thanks for the efforts of all finished dosage section staff who have fought and are fighting on the line.

The current situation is still very serious. As pharmacuetical manufacturers, it is our mission and worth to work with doctors to provide drug ensurance for the epidemic areas. Coordinating with the government departments, we areseeking the permission of start-working of finished dosage section. We will strictly implement staff safety precautions in accordance with government’s requirements, and make our best efforts to provide anti-coronavirus drug support to the epidemic areas to achieve an early victory against the epidemic.

Wish our compatriots in the epidemic area an early recovery, and hope all Dongcheng staff work together to make more and greater contributions to the early victory against the epidemic!

YantaiDongcheng Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd.

Jan. 31, 2020



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