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GMP Heparin Sodium
2021-08-13 14:21:29

Now, Weinberger and his team have discovered a pathway they named DiThR (discordant transcription through repair). The DiThR pathway seems to increase the noise of gene expression in stem cells and enhance their ability to differentiate.

A new basic mechanism

The discovery of the DiThR pathway stems from the team's early research work on HIV. Weinberger said, "We have been solving the long-standing problem of HIV, that is, how to change the ability of HIV to stay in the patient's body for a long time. We have found that molecules that change the noise of viral gene expression also reduce the persistence of HIV. When these same molecules are in It’s quite surprising when it works in stem cells. Trying to understand how these molecules work has turned into finding a basic biological mechanism."

When a gene is turned on, or expressed, the information stored in the gene is used to construct the materials needed for the cell to function. But most genes are not always on. Most genes switch between an active state (on) and an inactive state (off) every few minutes to a few hours. This causes noise at the level of gene expression. Once HIV infects host cells, it acts very much like human genes and exhibits similar noise characteristics.

While studying HIV, Weinberger's team discovered the existence of such molecules, which can increase noise, or switch gene expression complexes between active and inactive states, but strangely, they do not affect the average expression level. They call these molecules noise-enhancer molecules. These molecules are like Bunsen burners of gene expression, increasing the efficiency of drugs designed to wake HIV from a silent state as part of a strategy to cure patients. But how these noise-enhancing molecules can increase noise without changing the expression level is completely unknown.

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