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GMP Heparin
2021-07-27 11:42:41

Cell therapy refers to extracting cells from a patient, culturing them in cell culture to improve their properties, and then reinjecting them into the patient's body. Professor Adrian Liston, the co-corresponding author of the paper and the head of the immunology group of the Babraham Institute, explained their therapeutic potential: "The main purpose of cell therapy is to improve T cells so that they can attack and kill cancer in patients. The incredible versatility of the immune system means that, in principle, we can treat almost any immune disease with the right cell type. Regulatory T cells are particularly promising, and they have the ability to suppress autoimmune diseases and inflammatory diseases. Disease and transplant rejection. However, a key limitation of the clinical application of regulatory T cells comes from their instability-we cannot use them for cell therapy until we ensure that they maintain their protective effects."

There are many types of T cells, and each type has a unique function in our immune system. The co-corresponding author of the paper, Professor Susan Schlenner of Leuven University, explained, “Although most T cells are pro-inflammatory and ready to attack pathogens or infected cells, regulatory T cells are effective anti-inflammatory regulators. Unfortunately, this cell type is not completely stable. Sometimes regulatory T cells are transformed into pro-inflammatory T cells called effector T cells. It is crucial that the transformed effector T cells inherit both Inflammatory behavior also inherits the ability to recognize our own cells, so it poses a huge risk of damage to the system they want to protect."


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1. Question: Where does heparin sodium come from?

Answer: Extracted from healthy pig intestines.

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