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To aid Wuhan, the listed company Dongcheng Pharmaceutical is in action! ——Record of an interview with Shandong Economic Broadcasting by Xin Hongbo, ge
2018-06-06 15:32:25

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all parts of the country have extended a helping hand, and batches of anti-epidemic substances have been urgently sent to Wuhan. As a listed pharmaceutical company, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical is duty-bound to organize anti-epidemic assistance immediately. Up to now, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical has donated more than 9 million yuan in materials to support the frontline of the fight against the epidemic. Recently, Ms. Xin Hongbo, general manager of the group, accepted an interview with Shandong Economic Broadcasting. The following is the interview record.

In the past few days, the business community in our province is fighting the epidemic with practical actions and helping Wuhan. Recently, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (stock code 002675), a listed company on the small and medium-sized board, extended a helping hand to Hubei-the company has donated more than 9 million yuan of medical supplies to the epidemic area in Hubei. As one of the domestic biochemical API production bases, how does Dongcheng Pharmaceutical view the relationship between economic and social benefits? On February 5th, Ms. Xin Hongbo, general manager of Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., accepted a telephone interview on the "Money Tree" program of Shandong Radio Economy Channel.



The picture on the left is Xin Hongbo, General Manager of Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., and the picture on the right is Mingyue, a reporter from Shandong Economic Broadcasting


Moderator: At a critical moment when the whole country is overcoming the difficulties, Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals extended a helping hand to Hubei. It is understood that Dongcheng Pharmaceutical has donated more than 9 million yuan of medical supplies to the epidemic area. Please introduce the relevant situation to everyone.

Mr. Xin: Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, the company has been extremely concerned. On January 27, the company established an epidemic response and disposal working group with Chairman Yu Shouyi as the team leader. It focused on discussing how Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. assumed social responsibility after the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia and how to use its own resources to maximize The fastest and most effective way to help Wuhan. Taking into account the company's advantages in selling raw materials to more than 40 countries around the world, we immediately contacted some domestic and foreign raw material drug customers and purchased medical supplies such as masks from all over the world. At present, masks worth 160,000 yuan purchased by the company have been sent to the epidemic area through Shanghai Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd.


The company also pays close attention to the drugs needed for the epidemic. We found that the phlegm-resolving medicine ambroxol and the glucocorticoid hydrocortisone that are urgently needed in the epidemic area are our company's products in production. In order to transport the medicines to the designated hospitals as quickly as possible, we negotiated with the headquarters of China Resources National Control and, with their strong hospital distribution capabilities, directly donated the company’s phlegm-reducing drugs ambroxol and the glucocorticoid hydrocortisone Go to the designated hospital. On January 31, the first batch of self-produced anti-epidemic drugs worth 8.93 million yuan was issued from the company, and reached Sinopharm's Shanghai company on February 1, and arrived in Hubei on February 2. The drugs are currently being delivered to hospitals in the epidemic area. The second batch of anti-epidemic drugs worth more than 80,000 yuan was issued on February 1, and arrived at China Resources Beijing Company on February 2. It is also on the way to the hospital.


Within the company, we issued an initiative to all employees, calling on everyone to actively extend a helping hand to compatriots in the affected area. At present, employees of the company have raised nearly 500,000 yuan in donations. After the fundraising is completed, we will arrange donations in a unified manner.



Moderator: Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals extended a helping hand to Hubei and interpreted the corporate responsibility and social responsibility with practical actions. As one of the domestic biochemical API production bases, how does the company view the relationship between economic and social benefits?


Mr. Xin: The characteristic of pharmaceutical companies is to provide cures for human diseases. This is a very special industry and a value-oriented industry with a sense of social responsibility. Dongcheng has gone through a 21-year journey. 2019 is the first year of Dongcheng’s new 20 years. We put forward the corporate development concept of "concentric, same direction, and peer", one of which is "going with medicine and focusing on patients". idea. Dongcheng Pharmaceutical is one of 6,000 pharmaceutical companies. Our understanding of economic and social effects is that only pharmaceutical companies that dare to assume social responsibility can ultimately win good economic benefits.


Moderator: Dongcheng Pharmaceutical was listed on the SME Board in May 2012. In the past 8 years since its listing, the company has successfully realized the layout from biochemical raw materials to nuclear medicines. How to view the development space of the nuclear medicine market?


Mr. Xin: Since the beginning of Dongcheng's listing in 2012, the company has put forward the strategy of endogenous growth and extensional development, and discovered a broad market space for nuclear medicines in the process of extensional acquisition.


The diagnosis and treatment of nuclear medicine has unique advantages in clinical practice, which can realize the integration of diagnosis and treatment. It is a very typical precision medical method. Nuclear medicine has a broad market space in the world, but compared with developed countries, China's nuclear medicine level still has a huge gap. Share two sets of data with you: the output value of nuclear technology applications in the United States has accounted for 3% of GDP, while my country’s is only 0.25% of GDP; the per capita possession of PET/CT per million population in the United States is 4.39 units, while my country’s only 0.17 units. Far below the level of developed countries. It is precisely because of these gaps that the development of China's nuclear medicine has been slow for many years. Private enterprises engaged in nuclear medicine are small and scattered, with weak innovation and promotion capabilities. The nuclear medicine department of the hospital is still a weak department, and the nuclear medicine industry also lacks leaders. To lead the development of the entire industry, our entire nuclear medicine industry has no ability to enjoy the country’s policy dividends.


After in-depth understanding of the overall situation of China's nuclear medicines, Dongcheng Pharmaceutical repeatedly discussed and reached a consensus-we have the responsibility to quickly integrate the Chinese nuclear medicine market, so that China's nuclear medicines have a larger development platform. From 2015 to 2018, we quickly deployed, acquired and merged 6 nuclear medicine companies, and quickly grew into one of the duopoly in China's nuclear medicine field. In the future, we will continue to build a nuclear drug platform to promote nuclear drug innovation to meet clinical needs.


Nuclear medicine is characterized by the integration of diagnosis and treatment. It is a very classic precision medicine. It is called visible precision medicine. It has positive significance for the early prevention and treatment of tumors. The "Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline" pointed out that precision treatment and early prevention and treatment are both national strategies. We expect that nuclear medicine has entered the fast lane of development in China. Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals is currently rapidly introducing core talents, reserve core experts, build production bases, deploy sales networks, break through technical barriers, and realize the localization of raw materials. After these years of operation and accumulation, we have built a very solid and competitive platform with the ability to dialogue with international nuclear medicine companies. Some international nuclear medicine giants have also extended an olive branch to us for international cooperation.


The development of nuclear medicine in China has huge clinical demand, and the nuclear medicine market is growing at an annual rate of more than 25%, which is far beyond the average growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry. Dongcheng people firmly believe that through our continuous efforts, we can definitely improve the ability of nuclear medicine to serve Chinese clinical patients and realize the great revival of China's nuclear medicine industry.

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